Kajian Numerik Pengaruh Parameter Ginzburg-Landau terhadap Perilaku Medan Kritis Bawah dan Medan Kritis Permukaan Superkonduktor Tipe-II pada Ukuran Tertentu

Oleh :
Wildan Fakhri - m02 - Fak. MIPA

Numerical recitation about the Ginzburg-Landau’s Parameter effect on the low (Hc1) and surface critical field (Hc3) of the type-II superconductor in a certain size with five different values of GL’s Parameters has been conducted which each values of GL’s Parameters are ????=1,0; ????=1,5; ????=2,0; ????=2,5; ???????????? ????=3,0; there are three different ???????? and ???????? values i.e 6×6, 12×12, dan 32×32; the width of mesh hx = hy = 0,5???? and Δt = 0,0005. This recitation uses Time-Dependent-Ginzburg-Landau (TDGL) Equation and resolved by ????−???? methods. The recitation concluded that the greater the GL’s Parameters value, thus the Hc1 and Hc3 (in units Hc2) value getting smaller that indicates the easier the external magnetic field penetrates the superconducting materials, this is happened because of the local density of super-electron (squared order parameter modulus) has been unabled to resist the measurement. However the above statement can be applied at lowermost grid size of superconducting material i.e 12×12.
Keywords : Ginzburg-Landau’s parameter, Type-II superconductor, TDGL, ????−???? method