Oleh :
Prof. Dr. Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni - 196108251986012001 - Fak. ISIP

Indonesian government has implemented education reform by regulating gender mainstreaming in education since 2008. The reform demands every education organization unit to integrate gender perspective into their education services called Gender Responsive School. School organization should be changed in order to implement gender mainstreaming in education. The Mintzberg’s theory states that organizational change should be done in two dimensions, namely strategic and organizational dimensions. This article discusses about organizational change (schools) to be seen from strategic dimension (visions, positions, programs, and products) and organizational dimension (culture, structure, system and people). Four Senior High Schools in Sragen Regency Indonesia have been purposively selected. The primary data were obtained through in-depth interviews with principals, students, and parents and the secondary data were collected through documentation studies, such as schools’ strategic plans and regulations. The data were then analyzed using Mintzberg’s model. The data validity uses data source triangulation. The findings show that organizational change towards gender-responsive schools has been done both in strategic dimension and organizational dimension. Unfortunately, all of the schools didn’t have gender responsive vision and gender responsive structure. Besides, most of the schools have not implemented gender-responsive culture and systems. They only integrated gender dimension incidentally. In conclusion changing organization in strategic dimension is more difficult than in organization dimension. In other words, changing the concrete level of organizations such as products (in the strategic dimension) or people (in the organizational dimension) is easier than changing the conceptual level of organizations such as vision (in the strategic dimension) and culture (in the organizational dimension). Accordingly, organizational change should be embodied from the strategic to technical level.
Keywords: gender responsive school, Mintzberg’s theory, organizational change