Implementasi Ajaran Islam dalam Bidang Kebudayaan dan Humaniora

Oleh :
Istadiyantha - 195410151982111001 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

Culture and humanity are two things which are placed together with the reason that in one side, culture canfunction as a media while in other side,humanity is its content. Media and its content fulfill together so that they to create humanitarian, prestisious, and civilized life.is/am teaches us to respect humanitarian aspect and allow the good tradition and arrangement. This good tradition is very useful to make relation among people and certain group wich based on morality and humanity soul. This article talks about howfar Islam lift up the culture and humanity . So that we can know that in Islam, we are commanded to behave people more human.

Keywords: culture, humniora, civilized, human