Promoting the Sangiran Early Man Site Through Video Promotion with English Subtitle to Attract Tourists

Oleh :
Erikca Gardena Fernanda - B3116016 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

The objective of the report is to describe (1) activity which I did during internship in
Balai Pelestarian Situs Manusia Purba (BPSMP i.e. The Conservation Office of Sangiran Early
Man Site) from 24 January to 25 February 2019, (2) the obstacles that I faced and the solutions .
The internship projects were making video promotion with English subtitle and making subtitles
for the official videos. I did some steps in the project making, such as creating storyboard,
observing every cluster of the Sangiran Early Man Site, making video narration, and transferring
message from source text into target text. There were also obstacles that I faced from the
technical equipment such as the camera, laptop, and applications until the obstacles during the
translation such as ambiguity, difficult word and phrase, and specific term of particular field. To
solve the problems, I searched for some references which could help me translate and do my
project. The references that I used were subtitling journals and parallel texts related to