An analysis of higher order thinking level in the reading exercise within bahasa inggri textbook by using revised bloom taxonomy

Oleh :
Anna Nur Khasanah - K2211013 - Fak. KIP

The study aims to get overview of the distribution of the higher order thinking level based on the revised edition of Bloom’s Taxonomy in the reading exercises within “Bahasa Inggris” textbook which is prepared for the 11th grade of senior high school. This study used qualitative approach with documentary analysis, and focused on text-based question within textbook. The finding shows the HOTS obtains 51 out of 85 reading questions (60%) while the LOTS obtains 34 out of 85 reading questions (40%). The evaluating obtains the highest distribution among the three skills while the analyzing level in the second place and creating level in the lowest distribution. The analyzing level has 50% questions with the conceptual knowledge dimension. The evaluation level has 34.2% questions with the conceptual knowledge dimension even though it is less than meta-cognitive knowledge dimension which consist of 42,1% questions. Then, all questions in creating level consist of conceptual knowledge dimension. The researcher concluded that “Bahasa Inggris” textbook has readin
Keyword: order thinking level, reading exercises, critical thinking, Bloom’s taxonomy