Educational concept of perguruan pencak silat in digital era

Oleh :
Suryo Ediyono - 196601201993031001 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya


Perguruan pencak silat is a model of humanism education in traditional Javanese

society beside palace and pesantren. Emerging of new perguruan pencak silat is not

reaction against digital era, but it is an active effort to look for cultural identity. The

objective of this research to explain (1) types of perguruan pencak silat traditional in

digital era (2) pendekar as model for good character education in digital era. The research

used historical factual method with descriptive analysis interpretation coherence and

synthesis. The result indicated that there are types of perguruan pencak silat traditional

and modern in digital era. Pendekar pencak silat has characteristic of taqwa, responsive,

tangguh, tanggon, and trengginas. Pencak silat contains element of self defense, sport, art

and mental spiritual that as unity can be model for shaping human with good character.

Keywords: Educational concept, Perguruan pencak silat and Digital era.