Translating technical texts, non-technical texts, and legal texts at translation agency, translexi

Oleh :
Mutiara Citra Ayuningtyas - B3116030 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

The objectives of this internship report were to describe (1) the activities done during internship in Translexi from 6 February to 8 March 2019, (2) the texts that were translated during the internship, (3) the process in translating, and (4) the problems occurred during translating and the solution.
The main activity during internship was translating texts of which steps were analyzing, transferring, and restructuring. The additional activities were attending presentations, briefings, and a subtitle proofreading session, observing a translation process using a Computer Aided Translation tool, and transcribing. The problems occurred during translating consisted of technical and non-technical problems. The non- technical problems were finding the right equivalences, making natural sentences, and converting currency to the target culture. The solution for the first problem was by
doing many researches. The solution for the second problem was by re-reading the translation and studying more. Last, the solution for the third problem was by noticing the kind of the text