Translating tourism promotional video script and power of attorney from english to indonesian in translexi

Oleh :
Utami Nur Widihastuti - B3116042 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

There were several activities carried out during the internship. The main activity was translating texts. The texts that I translated were technical text, magazine articles, corporate training document (narrative), popular medical article, news article, food recipe, tourism promotional video script, Power of Attorney, business cooperation agreement, purchase agreement, travel blog article, and executive summary. The additional activities were attending routine briefing, attending presentations carried out by the staff of Translexi, transcribing audio about Kampung Siaga Bencana and film entitled TAUFIQ: Lelaki yang Menantang Badai, typing Deed of Grant of Shares to be used as translation memory, attending proofreading session of subtitle of the film entitled TAUFIQ: Lelaki yang Menantang Badai, and observing the process of translating by using CAT tools. There
were three steps of the process of translating text, namely analysis, transfer, and restructuring. Some problems were occurred when translating the texts given by the mentor. The problems could be handled with some solutions