Penulis Utama : Debbie Novastari Choeldahono
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NIM / NIP : C9307026
Tahun : 2011
Judul : The effect of using games in teaching vocabulary for the fifth grade students at SDN 03 Jetis Jaten Karanganyar
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - FSSR - 2011
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-FSSR Prog. D III Bahasa Inggris-C9307026-2011
Jenis Dokumen : Laporan Tugas Akhir (D III)
Abstrak : ABSTRACT This Final Project Report is written based on the job training, which had been done on February 8th – April 7th, 2010 at SDN 03 Jetis Jaten Karanganyar. The final project purpose is to describe the process of teaching English vocabulary by using games for the 5th grade students at SDN 03 Jetis Jaten Karanganyar. The writer took all students at the 5th grade as the subject of observation. It was chosen because the topic discussed in this final project report belongs to the class curriculum. The writer is interested in the process of acquiring vocabulary, i.e. the process that goes on after the introduction and explanation of new vocabulary. The writer would like to know either the children could remember easily the new vocabularies or not by viewing how they used those words in the sentence. The more numbers of new vocabularies they used in the sentences, the more they could remember the new vocabularies. It is all the writer’s job in teaching vocabulary to children. The problem statements in this final project report were: how was the process of using card games in teaching vocabulary? And how could the writer make it interesting and funny? In this final project report, the writer only took the process of introducing the vocabulary related to the animal world. This final project report used Elementary Vocabulary Games to analyze the data, which were taken from doing observation and teaching activity. The activities were done to find out the conclusion of the problem statements. In conclusions, using card games is an effective method in teaching vocabulary to children. It could help the students memorize the material easily. Meanwhile, to create a fun class, the teacher should create an exciting way to teach new vocabulary for the children, so that they enjoyed the lesson. Creativity is the key to make the class become enjoyable and happy.
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Drs. Budi Waskito
Catatan Umum : 7544
Fakultas : Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa