Penulis Utama : Nurendah Dyah Ayu Pitaloka
Penulis Tambahan : 1.
NIM / NIP : F.3410073
Tahun : 2013
Judul : Analisis Pemilihan Pembayaran Ekspor Dengan Letter Of Credit (L/C) Pada Perusahaan (Sampel 5 Perusahaan Di Surakarta)
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - F. Ekonomi - 2013
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-F.Ekonomi Prog. D III Perpajakan-F.3410073-2013
Jenis Dokumen : Skripsi
Abstrak : The objective of this research were to find out the reason why the company chooses the payment using Letter of Credit (L/C) in export activity, to find out the strength and the weakness of payment with L/C, and to find out and to overcome the constraints in export payment. The research was conducted in Disperindag Surakarta. This study employed interview, questionnaire, and library study describing the condition of a research object. The data used in this research included primary and secondary data. The primary data was obtained from the result of interview particularly the exporter of company. Meanwhile, secondary data was obtained from other relevant sources: books, questionnaire, references, and other reading sources. Considering the result of research, that could be concluded that the exporters chose Letter of Credit (L/C) because in addition to be advantageous, the L/C user could get safety and security in payment. The strengths of L/C were the payment certainty and avoiding the risk of payment loss, while the weakness was the complicated document administration. The constraint emerging was the less thoroughly L/C examination in address writing; the solution was by returning the L/C to the buyer in order to be republished by new L/C. The recommendations given by the writer included to be more careful (thorough) in administering the financial document particularly L/C, therefore there should be repeated supervision/ control and for that reason it was important to select the professional people in their areas.
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Ahmad Ridwan SE, Ak
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Fakultas : Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis