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Putri Pamungkas Septianingrum
The implementation of quality control was done to find out the process of manufacturing brem padat and controlling the quality of brem padat manufacturing process from raw material, production process, and final product. In addition, it also makes the quality control and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concepts applied to the brem padat manufacturing home-industries center. The implementation of Quality Control practice employed direct observation method on the process of manufacturing brem padat in MEKAR SARI home-industries center and direct analysis on final product test compared with the quality parameter according to SNI Number 01-2559-1992. The parameters of test analysis used included: water level, ash level, reduction sugar, sweetener, acid degree, and insolvable part. The result of quality control practical implementation shows that the brem padat manufacturing process begins from the raw material receiving process including white glutinous rice, NKL fermentation yeast, and water. Furthermore, the process of washing, submerging overnight, draining, steaming up to semi-ripe, washing (pengaruan), steaming up to ripe, cooling-down, yeast mixing, fermentation for 5-6 days, pressing, filtering, steaming at 100oC, stirring with mixer, molding, drying in the sun, and packaging. Quality control applied includes specifying the raw material used, controlling each stage of production process, and controlling the brem padat final product storage. The result of analysis on brem padat final product shows that the water level, ash level, sweetener, acid degree, and insolvable part do not distort from the quality parameter of SNI number 01-2559-1992. Meanwhile the result on reduction sugar analysis is 86,2604% affecting the texture and organoleptics of product yielded. The HACCP concept is made to minimize the danger emerging and to keep the safety of brem padat product yielded. The process stage considered as CCP and need to be controlled are yeast mixing, fermentation, filtering, molding, and packaging. Keywords: Quality Control, Home-industries, Brem Padat.




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