Evaluasi implementasi segmenting, targeting, dan positioning produk utra kemasan 19 liter oleh PT guwatirta sejahtera

Oleh :
Satya Aji Purwaka - F.3206143 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRAK Marketing strategy represent created marketing system to reach specific purpose constituted by segmenting concept, targeting, and positioning. Target of this research is to know segmenting strategy, targeting, and done positioning by PT Guwatirta Sejahtera and also to know consumer perception to the strategy. Research done in PT Guwatirta Sejahtera, which have location in Solo-Sragen Roadway km. 7,5 Karanganyar. Population in this research are all Utra product buyer surounding Surakarta. Amount of taken by sampel are 100 Utra tidiness drinking water product customer responder 19 litres. Technique data collecting which is writer use in this research are observation, interview, and kuesioner. Solution weared in this research to use qualitative descriptive analysis. Pursuant to result of solution and research can be concluded that segmenting applied by segmenting PT Guwatirta Sejahtera for the product of Utra tidiness 19 litres have precisely. Problems emerge in targeting phase and positioning . In targeting, problems emerge at strength of advertisement and brand. While positioning having problem cover promotion medium, product diferensiasi and tidiness, and also positioning with domestic consumer bases and non house hold. Suggestion which can be submitted by for example company can maintain targeting and segmenting which have precisely, and also improve;repair positioning. Company better do diferensiasi at brand or symbol. Related to price positioning, company better remain to maintain cheap price, to show diferensiasi with other brand. Besides company better more is improving of promotion to be more improve;repair positioning. Keyword: segmenting, targeting, and positioning