Evaluasi sistem pemberian sampai dengan pelunasan kredit pada PD BPR BKD kabupaten Karanganyar

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Heny Aprianingsih - F3306052 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRACT Bank is one of financial committee considered to be essential in sustaining economics, one of them is PD. BPR BKD In Karanganyar Regency that extends credit services in Karanganyar. The main duty of the PD. BPR. BKD of Karanganyar Regency is to distribute credit to society, at the sametime the financial sources achieved by the PD. BPR. BKD comes from Regional Government and fund accumulation derived from the society itself in the form of savings and deposits. This research aims to discover how the giving until paying procedure of credits at PD. BPR. BKD of Karanganyar Regency is, controlling systems applied, to know the troublesome credits and how to overcome the matters at the PD. BPR. BKD of Karanganyar Regency. The result of this research can be concluded that the credit giving system at PD. BPR BKD in Karanganyar Regency has been running well, as it can be seen from the documents and accounting reports applied related functions, and internal-controlling elements inside. For the troublesome credits, in 2007 the stuck credits inside PD. BPR. BKD reach 3,61 %, counted from the magnitude of loans given during 2007 as much as Rp. 50.915.875.223,00 toward the stuck credits, in the same year, as Rp 1.837.049.223,00. Based on proves acquired, it could be suggested that the bank should be able to maintain and enhance its services to customers, being selective in selecting the debitor candidate and the PD. BPR BKD, of Karanganyar Regency puts credit administrator section with credit analysis section separately. Keyword: system procedure credit
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