Pengaruh Ca(OH)2 terhadap karakteristik gel instan dari daun cincau hijau (Premna oblongifolia Merr.)

Oleh :
Kukuh Budiawan - H.0605055 - Fak. Pertanian

ABSTRACT Addition of Ca(OH)2 estimated can improve characteristic of instant gel from green cincau leaves (Premna oblongifolia Merr.). This research has two objectives. First, knowing influence of Ca(OH)2 to instant cincau gel characteristic (pH, textureprofile gel, moisture content, ash content, syneresis and panelists preference). Second, knowing best formula from addition of Ca(OH)2 at processing of instant green cincau. This research consisted of three phase, that is: preparation of materials (cincau gel), processing of instant cincau gel flour with Ca(OH)2 addition and instant cincau gel characterization. In this research, Random Complete Design was applied with one factor, which is Ca(OH)2 concentration (0%; 2%; 4%; 6% w/w). Each treatment conducted two times and each sample of a treatment was tested twice to provide instant cincau gel characteristic. Data were analyzed statistically with Anova and Duncan Multiple Range Test. Addition of Ca(OH)2 increased pH of instant cincau gel to 10,11-10,98. Increasing of pH to 10,11 (at 2% w/w Ca(OH)2 addition) improved breaking strength (Fmax) of instant cincau gel, but going down at higher pH. Maximal deformation test showed addition of Ca(OH)2 2% (w/w) increased maximal deformation value. Instant cincau gel contain water 98,50-99,02% (wb) and ash 5,39-9,85% (wb). Sensory analysis showed that addition 2% (w/w) Ca(OH)2 produce most preffered cincau gel. Addition Ca(OH)2 gave significant influence to increasing of syneresis instant cincau gel. Proximate test of the selected instant cincau flour (2% Ca(OH)2 w/w) showed moisture content 6,18% (db), crude protein 9,16% (db), crude fat 1,18% (db), ash 7,76% (db), carbohydrate (by difference) 75,71% (db), and crude fibre 19,62% (db). Keyword : green cincau (Premna oblongifolia Merr.), instan cincau gel, textureprofile