Kontribusi pemungutan retribusi terminal di terminal Tirtonadi terhadap penerimaan asli daerah di kota Surakarta tahun 2005-2008

Oleh :
Gatot Priyono - F.3406033 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRACT To secure and prosperous of the public in area. Central government releases Law no 22 the year 1999 about area autonomy, obliges the local government to fund its own local expense. The source of local expenditure is the local income, obtained by optimizing the management of local resources owned by each area. One of Local Original Incomes (PAD) to which the government relies on is from the local retribution sector. One of local retribution types in Surakarta City is terminal retribution. The objective of research is to find out the terminal retribution contribution in Tirtonadi terminal to the Local Original Income in Surakarta City during 2005-2008 periods and resistance any kind of experienced by during retribution collector. The analyses used in this study were analysis on the terminal retribution during 2005-2008 periods either from the revenue realization or from the revenue target aspect, and comparative analysis on target and realization of advertisement tax revenue during 2005-2008 periods. The result of research shows that there is still the lack of contribution of terminal retribution to the Local Original Incomes (PAD). Considering the result of research, the writer recommends the government to take some firm measures against the terminal users that do not comply with the regulation, and to socialize the prevailing regulation to the terminal users in order to comply with such terminal regulation. Keywords: Local Original Income (PAD), Contribution, Terminal Retribution.