Evaluasi sistem pemberian kredit pada PD. BPR. Bank Daerah kabupaten Karanganyar

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Nova Iriana - F3306073 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRACT PD. BPR of Local Bank is one financial institution whose function is to collect the fund from the society in the form of saving and deposit and redistribute them in the form of credit, among other. Recalling that the process of credit issuance contains the risk of deviation and has substantial risk namely whether the loan as well as credit interest given to the customer can return consistent with the credit issuance agreement, a good internal control system is needed. With the presence of good internal system, it is expected to be used in evaluating, controlling and studying precisely the size of loan given to the society. This research aims to find out the procedure of system application and credit issuance occurring in the activity undertaken by PD.BPR of Local Bank, to find out the problem occurring in the system and procedure of credit issuance encountered, as well as to find out the measures taken by PD.BPR of Local Bank in solving problem its faces concerning the system and procedure of credit issuance. This research was done with the primary data collection method by which the data is obtained directly from the company and with interview, that is, the question-answer method conducted directly with the competent party in this problem. From the result of research, it can be concluded that credit issuance system in PD.BPR of Regency Karanganyar’s Local Bank has proceeded well despite some weaknesses. The recommendations given include: there should be printed sequenced numbered-form, the credit application form and credit agreement letter should be made doubly, there should be a separation between credit application and credit analysis functions, compulsory furlough, and the selection of prospect debtor should be done selelctively. Keyword: Accounting Information System, credit
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