Evaluasi sistem pengendalian intern pemberian kredit pada PD. Bank perkreditan rakyat BKK Tasikmadu cabang Jumantono Karanganyar

Oleh :
Evi Pratitis Kandari - F3306044 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRAK Trading Company of Badan Pekreditan Rakyat Sub district credit Agency in one of credit agencies sponsored by the government that is operated in rural area—rural area of Central Java. The purpose of establishing this institution is to generate fund from society and then to distribute it back to the people to use for various trade form. In its development, this institution can be accepted well by the people so that it can progress and develop fast. It can be seen from the increase of service number as well as facilitation offered by this institution. Beside, it can also be seen from people’s enthusiasm toward the service of BPR BKK. The step taken in the research is by doing direct communication by the related party existing in BPR BKK. In addition, the researcher uses direct observation toward the document completeness used and participates in doing direct observation in the field and also the investigation of the related document through credit distribution sistem. The result of credit analysis shows that BPR BKK Jumantono has done credit distribution to the people through method that is generally applied in credit sistem. BPR BKK Jumantono show that there are strengths/advantages possessed by the applied credit distribution sistem. Based on the findings toward the research result, then the researcher gives suggestion to improve its weaknesses. For improving the existing sistem used, it is need a recondition or addition toward the policy sistem applied. This is perhaps can add the effectiveness and efficiency as well as fraudulence that may be done by the officer of BPR BKK Jumantono. Keywords : internal control system, credit distribution.