The Use Of Songs And Games In Teaching English To The Students Of Year 3 Of Elementary School In Widya Wacana Ii Surakarta

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Debara yul setiowati - C9306114 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final project is written based on the writer’s job training activities as an English teacher in Widya Wacana II Elementary School Surakarta from 02 February until 11 March 2009. This final project report discusses the writer’s activities during job training, the writer’s activities in using songs and games, and the difficulties of using songs and games in Widya Wacana II Elementary School Surakarta. By observing the class and teaching activities directly the students of year 3, the writer could write the final project completely. She used songs and games in teaching English for the students. The uses of songs were for greeting and introducing the topic of parts of the body. The kinds of games were teacher says and puzzle. The writer also found the difficulties in using songs and games. They were: some students were unwilling to sing because they did not understand how to sing the song and the students did not pay attention to the instruction of the game.