Analisis Pengaruh Medan Magnet Terhadap Pemisahan Partikel Debu Aliran Udara Seragam Menggunakan Perangkat Lunak MATLAB 6.5

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ABSTRACT Analysis of Magnetic Field Influence to Uniflow Dust Particle Separation Using MATLAB 6.5 by Ruhmini M0203046 A computer based simulation has been done for analyzing of separation performance a combined mechanic- magnetic field based particulate trap design. The particulates flowing into the trap through a static fan and moves along the tube is a cyclonic motion. A Lorenz force which is emerged by an electrically strigh wire attached on the trap axis. Gaining the centrifugal force increasing the cyclone effect. The result show that additional magnetic field take into account an improving the particulate trap design performance, up to 0.2 µm particulate cut-size for the 0.5 m tube length and 2A electric current. This figure is much better compared to the 10 µm particulate cut-size of the mechanical design in the same size tube. The maximum thrown angle also increasing up 60 degree compared to 15 degree of the mechanical one. Keyword: particulate trap, magnetic field, performance analysis.