Hubungan antara kebiasaan merokok pada pria dewasa dengan volume oksigen maksimal (vo2 max)

Oleh :
Arif Rahman Hakim - G.0001055 - Fak. Kedokteran

ABSTRAK Until 1940s, smoking could be considered as not dangerous because no work indicating this problem. However, since then the laboratory and clinical works proved that the tobacco smoke is dangerous for the health. Tobacco smoke normally contains more than 4,000 chemical substances, at least 43 of which can result in cancer. Nicotine, the main content of tobacco smoke, is toxic and addictive. Generally, people recognize the adverse effect of smoking habit from the label attached on the cigarette pack. The long-term effect of smoking includes: hypertension, coronary heart disease, and pulmonary cancer. This research aims to find out the relation between the smoking habit in the middle-age men and the VO2 max. This study is observational analytical in nature with cross sectional approach conducted to the respondents, that is the employees of Surakarta Darussalam Foundation during April – June 2009 periods. The technique employed in this research was the purposive sampling. All subjects fulfilling the criteria are determined as the sample. The data obtained was analyzed using the statistic test with Karl Pearson’s Product Moment correlation analysis. The result of analysis shows: the correlation coefficient r = 0,376 (ro), the product moment r value with N = 20 at significance level of 1% = 0.561 (r table) while at significance level of 5% = 0.444. So, ro < r table is better than that at significance level of 1% and 5%. The conclusion of research is that there is no relation between the smoking habit in the middle-age men and the VO2 max.