PENGARUH KOMBINASI BAP (Benzil Amino Purine) DAN NAA (Naphtalene Acetic Acid) TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN TUNAS ZODIA (Euodia suaveolens Scheff.) SECARA IN VITRO

Oleh :
Eni Sugiyanti - M0403026 - Fak. MIPA

Using plant growth regulators (PGRs) in the appropriate concentrations and combination can increase the growth of shoot. The study has aims to evaluate the effect of combinant concentration of plant growth regulator of BAP and NAA, and determine the optimal concentration of BAP and NAA to support the growth and development shoots of zodia (Euodia suaveolens Scheff.) by in vitro. The experiment was arranged in Completed Randomized Design with six treatment that are combination: 0 mg/l BAP + 0 mg/l NAA (control), 1 mg/l BAP + 1 mg/l NAA, 2 mg/l BAP + 1 mg/l NAA, 3 mg/l BAP + 1 mg/l NAA, 4 mg/l BAP + 1 mg/l NAA, 5 mg/l BAP + 1 mg/l NAA each treatment with four replicates. The explans is axilar shoot’s from plants in the age of 3th month. The cultures were then incubated at 25-280 C under a 12-hour photoperiod with provided by cool white fluorescent tubes (TL 10 W) for 5 weeks. Parameter that is observed is a morphology of callus, time of appearing shoot, number of shoot, height of shoot, and morphology of shoot. The result of the study proves that the explants cultured in an standar MS media supplemented with combination treatment affected in vitro growth or regeneration of Zodia shoots. Shoots successfully grew and developed. The Callus was formed on the of all treatment except on control. At the second week 2 mg/l BAP and 1 mg/l NAA showed the most bud (1,75). The highest bud number was 5,75 pieces with a combination of BAP 3 mg/l and NAA 1 mg/l, while the highest bud height (9,8 mm) was obtained on control. Key words: in vitro culture, Euodia suaveolens Scheff., shoot’s growth, BAP, NAA.