Studi Morfologi dan Kerapatan Pengintian Lapisan Tipis Isotactic Polystyrene (it-PS) dengan Variasi Waktu, Suhu, dan Ketebalan

Oleh :
Muhammad Ubaidillah - M0204037 -

It has been done a research about morphology and nucleation density of thin isotactic polystyrene (it-PS) film with variation of time, crystallization temperature and film thickness. Data analysed was obtained from secunder data in which it-PS films were made by spin coating metode having moleculer weight 400.000 dissolved in cyclohexanone solvent. The data was analysed by using Adobe photoshop CS3 program. Data of morphology and amount of crystal nucleus were obtained by optic microscope. Nucleation density was obtained by calculating the amount of crystal at crystallization temperature of 1900,1800,1600,1500,1400,1300 0C at film thickness of 338, 533, 712, 1095, 1473, and 2185 วบ. This given direct information about nucleation rate. Result of this Research showed that crystal morphologies were related to crystallization temperature and film thickness. In general in range of film thickness and crystallization temperature observed in this research, there were six main morphologies i.e. fine hexagonal, harsh hexagonal, mix hexagonal, harsh circular, fine circular, and mix circular. The amount of crystal was relatively constant with time, nucleation rate increased with decreasing crystalisation temperature, and nucleation rate increased with increasing film thickness. Further analysis showed that density rate dependence on film thickness decreased with decresing crystallization temperature. Keyword : it-PS thin film, crystal morphology, nucleation dencity , time and crystallization temperature, film thickness