A translation analysis of Indonesian material cultural terms in “tenun ikat” and in the english translation “Indonesian ikats” (a minor thesis)

Oleh :
Zeni Rimari - C0303058 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This research focuses on the translation analysis of material culture translation in bilingual book entitled “Tenun Ikat” and its English “Indonesian Ikats”. This study aims to find out (1) the strategies employed by the translator to translate the material culture terms, and (2) the accuracy of the translation. This research belongs to a descriptive qualitative research. The data were obtained by using content analysis and questionnaire. In content analysis, the researcher collected the data by collecting material culture terms found in the book. There are 50 data in this research. The questionnaires were distributed to three raters in the form of close and open-ended questionnaire. The research findings show that the translation strategies used to translate material culture terms are translation using its equivalence in the target language (12 data or 24%), translation by a more general word or superordinate (9 data or 8%), translation by cultural substitution (8 data or 16%), translation using a loan word (10 data or 20%), and translation by omission (11 data or 22 %). Dealing with the accuracy of translation, the result is as follows: translation that is very accurate (27 data or 54%), less accurate (12 data or 24%), and inaccurate (11 data or 22%) and there are no very inaccurate data. The average score of the mean for accuracy is 1.47 meaning that the translation is less accurate.