Facilitating reading comprehension through sight words recognition practices (a classroom action research in the fifth grade of SD Negeri Begajah 01 Sukoharjo in 2009/2010 academic year).

Oleh :
Bramansyah Ariffandana - K2205030 - Fak. KIP

ABSTRACT The objective of the study is to know whether or not Sight Words Recognition Practices improve students’ reading comprehension. It is based on the problems in learning English in the fifth grade of SD Negeri Begajah 01 that there are only few techniques of teaching new words to the children. This study is also aimed at finding out to what extent Sight Words Recognition Practices improve the children’s reading comprehension. In the study, the writer conducts a classroom action research. The techniques employed in this research are Sight Words Recognition Practices. They are Framed-Words, Words in Context, and Paper-Clip Picture Practices. The procedure of the research consists of identifying the problems, planning the action, implementing the action, observing or monitoring the action, reflecting the result of the observation, and revising the plan for the following steps. The research is conducted in two cycles. Cycle 1 consists of three meetings, while cycle 2 consists of two meetings. In collecting the data, the writer uses qualitative method. The qualitative data come from observation, field notes, interviews, questionnaires, and photographs. The data is analyzed by using qualitative data analysis. In this action research, the writer is the teacher and observer as well. The results of this research show that Sight Words Recognition Practices can effectively improve students’ reading comprehension. It can be seen that the students got improvement in the reading tests scores. The techniques are also suited to the children’s characteristics of language learning, so that the students feel enjoyable and motivated when studying new words by doing the Sight Words Recognition Practices. At the end of the research, the writer gives three suggestions for the English teacher. The first is that various and suitable techniques such as Sight Words Recognition Practices should be adopted in teaching new words for children. The second is that the teacher should be creative in teaching Sight Words Recognition Practices so that the techniques work effectively. And the last is that the teacher should motivate the students to read by creating enjoyable and regular reading situation to help them keep the sight words they have learned.