Pengaruh penggunaan media model dengan media gambar terhadap prestasi belajar biologi ditinjau dari motivasi belajar (Studi eksperimen pada siswa kelas XI Program Ilmu Alam Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri Kabupaten Karanganyar tahun ajaran 2008/2009)

Oleh :
T. Bawuk Widayat K - S810108036 - Sekolah Pascasarjana

ABSTRACT The aims of this research are to fing out : (1) the significant effect between the use of model media and picture media toward the biology achievement, (2) the significant effect of the biology achievement between students having higher and lower learning motivation, and (3) the interaction effect between the instructional media and the student’s learning motivation toward the biology achievement. This study is a quantitative research with an experimental method. The research begins from October 2008 to May 2009. The object of the study is the eleventh years student of senior high school in Karanganyar regency. The sample is taken by using cluster random sampling technique. The sample consist of 1 class (40 students) for model media based instruction an experiment class and 1 class (40 students) for picture media based instruction as a control class. The instruments used to gather data for the study consist of learning achievement test in biology and questionnaire for learning motivation. The results of try-out test for learning achievement were analyzed with content validity test, reliability test, difficulty level test, differentiating power and item-validity test. The content validity of each test item was examined using Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation with significance level 5%. The instrument reliability was examined using Kuder-Richardson’s KR-20. Using MS Excel program, the score for reliability coeficience obtained was 0.84. The prerequisite analysis test consits of normality test and homogenity test. The normality tes was done using Lilliefors’ Method. Results of the test indicates that all data groups are normally distributed. The reliability tes was carried out using Bartlet test and the results of the test show that all data groups were variously distributed. The teachnique of data analysis chosen for this research was two-path variance analysis with the same cell, 2 x 2 factorial design and the significance level was 0.05. The Tukey test was used for Anava posttest. The result of data analysis at 5% level of significant, show that : (1) there is a significant effect of model media and picture media based instruction toward the biology achievement (Fobs= 9.73 > F tab=3.96), (2) there is a significant difference of biology achievement between student having higher and lower motivation (F obs = 52.33 > F tab = 3.96), (3) there is an interaction effect between media instructional and student’s learning motivation toward the biology achievement(F obs = 8.80 > T tab = 3.96).