Pengaruh pemberian seduhan kelopak rosela (hibiscus sabdariffa) terhadap kadar kolesterol ldl darah tikus putih (rattus norvegicus) dengan induksi hiperkolesterolemi

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Yuli Artanti Patmawuri - G0005213 - Fak. Kedokteran

ABSTRACT Cardiovascular disease especially coronary heart disease will become the major cause of death throughout the world. High LDL cholesterol level represent risk factor the happening of coronary heart disease. Roselle calyces extract have been proved can reduce the LDL cholesterol level of blood, but Indonesian people more regular consume rosela calyx in form of infusion.The objection of the research is knowing the influence of roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) calyces infusion in preventing the improvement of LDL cholesterol level of white rats’ (Rattus norvegicus) blood. This experimental laboratoric research with randomized controlled trial design, pre test and post test controlled group design, had been done in Biochemistry Laboratory of Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia. The research subjects are 30 male white rats, Wistar strain, 3 months old, and about 200 gram weights. Rats were divided into 3 groups, each group consists of 10 rats. All groups were feed with high cholesterol food. Group I as control group, group II and group III was added with roselle calyces 36 mg/200 gram body weight/day and 54 mg/200 gram body weight/day. Triglyceride level of all rat’s blood were tested after 28 days treatment. The data collection was conducted before treatment and after the final treatment by taking the blood via orbital sine of rat, which had been fasted for 12 hours, and was examined for the serum cholesterol LDL level in the three groups, and then the result were analysed using ANOVA and t-pairwise tests. The result of one-way ANOVA test showed no significant difference in blood’s LDL cholesterol level between 3 groups, with p= 0,123 (p>0,05). The result of t paired test between pre test and post of each group also showed no significant difference in LDL cholesterol level of white rats blood. The conclusion of this research is the administration of roselle calyces infusion at dosage 36 mg/200 grams BW/day and dosage 54 mg/200 grams BW/day have not yet earned to prevent the improvement of LDL cholesterol level of white rats’ (Rattus norvegicus) blood significantly (p>0,05). Keywords : roselle’s (Hibiscus sabdariffa) calyces infusion – LDL cholesterol –Rattus norvegicus