Analisis Pengaruh Devidend Payout Ratio, Return On Assets, Laverage, Firm Size, dan Growth Terhadap Price Earning Ratio pada Perusahaan Manufaktur yang Terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia pada Tahun 2006-2007

Oleh :
Ni Galuh Ayu Fitri Sekardhani - F1204100 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Abstrak This research was conducted to determine the variables that affect the PER on manufacturing companies listed on stock exchanges in Indonesia 2006-2007. The purpose of this research is to provide empirical evidence of the influence of financial information (Devidend Payout Ratio, Return On Assets Laverage, Firm Size, And Growth Against Prince Earning Ratio) of the prince earnings ratio, both individually and together / simultaneously. This research was conducted on manufacturing companies listed BEI 2006-2007 period. by using purposive sampling method, obtained a sample of 31 companies. The method used is multiple regression analysis method with significance level of 0.05 or 5%. The results of the analysis show that: first, the DPR, LAV and growth has a significant impact on ROA variable PER whereas no significant effect on PER. Second, DPR, ROA, LAV, Firm Growth Size simultaneously / together have a significant impact on PER. Based on the above analysis it can be concluded that the DPR, ROA, LAV, UP and Growth effect on PER. Researcher advises that investors should pay attention to invest variables such as the DPR, ROA, LAV, Growth and PER and consider other information (research journals, magazines and government publications).