Membangun aplikasi untuk menghitung Ekuivalensi Waktu Mengajar Penuh (EWMP) dosen bidang karya ilmiah berbasis web

Oleh :
Tingkas Nuryati - M3107129 - Fak. MIPA

ABSTRACT EWMP is teaching full-time equivalent faculty as much as 12 credits each semester. Fulfillment of these credits can be from legitimate education, research (scientific papers), devotion, and loyalty. In the field of scientific work less once understood, thus having difficulty in calculating the value EWMP. Therefore , to handle these problems the application of EWMP need to be made. The methodology in data collection are, the study of literature and observation, and then the process of design the application are system analysis, system design and databases, creating scripts and testing program courses. Application to calculate EWMP has been made and can be applied . This application is used to calculate the value EWMP and more calculations to figure the credit. Facilities in this application is the possibility for data entry, data search, data visualization and reporting. Key Word : Application, PHP, MySQL, EWMP