Rancang Bangun Alat Penghitung Jumlah Barang dengan Menggunakan Sensor LDR Berbasis Mikrokontroler

Oleh :
Isnan Nurdiansah - M3307014 - Fak. MIPA

Abstract Calculation of the number of items at this time is usually done manually. For example, for calculating the number of items should be packed in a cardboard box in a small factory needed manpower to make record of the number of goods that enter into these boxes. With the recording done by human beings who have a limited memory can also cause double counting. From the above written problems, will create a tool that can perform the calculation accurately without any data manipulation. Tools that will be created using LDR sensors are connected to the microcontroller as a controller. Here will be designed and constructed a tool entitled "Countdown Tool Total Returns using LDR Sensor-Based Microcontroller". Overall, the amount of goods counter is equipped with two LDR sensors as input. And using a microcontroller AT89S52 as program-controlled device. LDR sensor can be combined with a microcontroller AT89S52 and programs using the language C. From the results of this tool-making done capable of calculating the amount of goods automatically and very accurately. If sensor A first blocked from the light sensors highlight then to B then the number will increase. And if the sensor B was blocked first highlight of the light sensor and then to A then the number would be reduced.