Analisis kredit bermasalah pada BRI cabang Solo Kartasura tahun 2008

Oleh :
Beti Wulandari - F3306027 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRACT Solo Kartasura BRI Branch is one of the bank which the business activities that collect and distribute the funds back to the people by credit form. Credit which will they give such as commercial credit, consumer credit and credit programs. In the case of giving credit, Solo Kartasura BRI Branch faced the risk of credit, that the credit which distribute with the interest rates can’t be acceptable according to the agreement that has been dealed by the debtor and creditor. Therefore, a policy is needed in dealing with credit problems so that the risk of bad debts could be push as minimal as possible. The purpose of BRI Solo Kartasura BRI Branch research is to get the information about the causes of why credit problems could happen, the credit quality of productive assets, how big is the credit problems, and the policy of credit problems in Solo Kartasura BRI Branch Office. In analizyng data in the Solo Kartasura BRI Branch, the writer used five categories in Pass, Special Mention, Substandart, Doubtfull, and Loss.These categories are based on the collectibility, Category Pass: 0 day, Special Mention: 90 days, Substandart: 180 days, Doubtfull: 270 days, and Loss: more than 270 days. In the analysis that has been made, non-performing loans percentage of each type of credit that given by Solo Kartasura BRI Branch in the year 2008 has showed non-performing loans commercial credit in Solo Kartasura BRI Branch Office in the year 2008 is 6,48 %, percentage of non-performing loans consumer credit is 0,68 %, and for the percentage of non-performing loans credit program is 4,06 %. So overal total of percentage non-performing loans in Solo Kartasura BRI Branch is 4,5 %. Whereas, the credit quality of productive assets which given by Solo Kartasura BRI Branch in 2008 is very good, because it has really good criteria with the Quality Index of Productive Assets which is 103.02. Based on invention in this research, the writer can make few suggestions like Solo Kartasura BRI Branch should more give attention on giving commercial credit and making a routine credit development because the percentage of non-performing commercial loans credit in 2008 is above the limit maximum credit problems conditions of BI which is 5 %.