Strategi pemasaran ekspor pada PT. Sari Warna Asli Textile Industry di Surakarta

Oleh :
Ari Puji Astuti - F3106012 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRACT The aim of this writing is for getting the view deeper and understanding about strategy of export distribution which done by PT. Sari Warna Asli Textile Industry with buyer and done by the both of country that have defferent law and rule. The export transaction according to the international of trade, in this moment is incoterms which published by trade of Indonesia. The method of research that used case study, which is taken one object to analyze in deep to focus one problem. The data which is used are primary and secondary data. The primary data was calected by interview with PT. Sari Warna Asli Textile Industry in the export devision, while the secondary data was got from the book and the other of 3 source. The result of this research is the strategy of PT. Sari Warna Asli Textile Industry which done by 4 aspect that were product, price, promotion, place of distribution, by the strategy will get right and obligation at PT. Sari Warna Asli Textile Industry to increase the profit of that company from the export distribution. The right and obligation must done according the rule in incoterms 2000. The general problem is not the agreement of standard international trade between the both of country, so the agreement is only sales contract. Using of language which defferent between the both of country caused the defferent estimate, it is needed to have a similiar of view and opinion. The suggestion which get is in order to the rule about right and obligation the both of country, the force condition is arranged and attached specifially in sales contract, so if there is a big problem and the solution will easier for the both of country. Keyword : product, price, promotion, place of distribution.