Mekanisme pengawasan dan penindakan keimigrasian di kantor imigrasi Surakarta

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Muji Utami - D.1506033 - Fak. ISIP

ABSTRAC Surakarta's Immigration office constitutes one of technical executor unit of Law and HAM Department that constitute subject task performing at immigration area. One of task it is perform observation and penindakan to Strange Citizen that do breach / immigration law deviation. Writer takes title ” Supervisory Mechanism and Penindakan Is immigration At Surakarta's Immigration Office ”. To the effect of observing it is subject to be know how Immigration Office mechanism Surakarta in do observation to secretory expatriate or entering territorial Indonesian and penindakan is immigration for orang–orang (WNA) one that breach immigration law. This watch utilize kualitatif's descriptive method with data source of primary data and secondary data. Data collecting tech is done with observation, interview and document / archives that constitutes to methodic subject in observing it. Analisis is data began by gathers data, doing early analisis of acquired data, doing deeper data digging up if apparently deep menganalisisnya less visceral, the latest stage which is conclusion pull. Base observing result, can take that conclusion supervisory mechanism performing and penindakan is immigration at Surakarta's Immigration Office corresponds to Republic Of Indonesia Government regulation Number 31 Years 1994 about Expatriate Observation and Penindakan Is immigrations, Role and society in performing supervisorying to activity and in the presence expatriate is perceived very important, Indonesian government via Jurisdictional Department and Human Right gives authority to Immigration Office to act explicit peopled (WNA) already breach immigration law without mengenyampingkan their human right. Of conclusion upon, therefore writer passes on many tips divide Immigration Office which is do counsellings to societies at environmentally territorial Immigration Office job Surakarta hits things that gets bearing with immigration, it because of role and society in perform monitoring to activity and in the presence expatriate is perceived very important. Adding medium and prasarana (car on duty, office equipment, etc.) utilised smooth supervisory mechanism performing and penindakan is immigration. Performing increase total person / agency and urges Immigration Office official Surakarta to follow education as PPNS (Civil Public Servant investigator).