Evaluasi saluran distribusi pada head office perusahaan roti kecil Baki Sukoharjo

Oleh :
Rumana Sari - F3206141 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRACT Distribution is one important factor in the marketing. In determining distribution channel, the company should choose its marketing strategy selectively to get an effective distribution channel. The objective of research is to find out the more effective distribution channel in marketing the product of Roti Kecil Company. The methods employed in this study were interview with the company, direct observation on the research object, and literary study. Meanwhile the data employed were primary and secondary data; technique of analyzing data used was descriptive data analysis one. From both distribution channels, indirect distribution channel has a more efficient role compared with the direct one. The recommendation the writer can give is that the company should prioritize more the direct distribution channel, because indirect one is more efficient then the direct one. The company should pay more attention to the promotion, because promotion the company makes is still inadequate, the promotion can be made through local radio, newspaper, brochure, etc. The company should be able to maintain the good relationship with the intermediary so that the distribution proceeds well.