Peningkatan kreativitas belajar siswa melalui model kontekstual dalam pembelajaran IPA kelas V SDN Tepisari 02 Kabupaten Sukoharjo tahun pelajaran 2009/2010

Oleh :
Rika Purwanti - K7106037 - Fak. KIP

ABSTRACT The purpose of this research was to increase student learning creativity through contextual model of learning science in the fifth year of Semester 2 of SDN Tepisari 02. This research was a classroom action research. The experiment was conducted in three cycles, with each cycle consisting of planning, action, observation, and reflection. The subjects were students of fifth year SDN Tepisari 02, Sukoharjo academic year of 2009/2010. Source of data derived from teacher and student information, the results of observation and documentation. Data collection technique was observervation, tests, and documentation. The validity of the data used triangulation techniques and methods of data triangulation. Descriptive data analysis was qualitative by using an interactive model analysis techniques. Research procedure was a spiral model of inter-related. Based on results of the research, it could be concluded that student's creativity in science learning in fifth year of SDN Tepisari 02 Sukoharjo increased after implemented contextual learning model of the test results indicated that the creativity of classical completeness prior to implementation of contextual learning models only reach 53% of students. Then after the implementation of learning science with learning contextual model in the first cycle increased to 67%, the second cycle increased to 87%, and the third cycle reached 93%. Finally, it should be a recommendation in learning science by using contextual model could increasing student learning creativity in the fifth year of SDN Tepisari 02 Sukoharjo in the academic year of 2009/2010. Kata kunci: Kreativitas Belajar Siswa, Kontekstual