Pastry division at Sahid Jaya Hotel Surakarta: it’s function to Sekar Jagad and Ratu Ratih Restaurant

Oleh :
Ita Puji Hastuti - C.9306059 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This final project is written based on my job training activities as a Trainee in Pastry Department in Sahid Jaya Hotel Surakarta. This final project report explorers The Role of Pastry Department and the significance of Pastry Department to the other Departments at Sahid Jaya Hotel Surakarta. Food and Beverage Department has many subdivisions are responsible to maintain each division duties. One of the divisions is Pastry, working under Food and Beverage Product Division (Kitchen). This Department is responsible to produce and provide bakery and desert products for the hotel. Pastry department has many roles to the other department and outlet. There were some problems found out during the training process in Pastry Department at Sahid Jaya Hotel Surakarta. The Problems are limited worker, broken device, lack supplies and order product.