Perbedaan kenyamanan seksual pada akseptor Alat Kontrasepsi Dalam Rahim (AKDR) di puskesmas Sragen

Oleh :
Fina Dwi Retnowati - R0106062 - Fak. Kedokteran

ABSTRACT Background: The IUD (Intra Uterine Device) is a widely used contraceptives in family planning program in Indonesia. Approximately 4.5 million family planning acceptors use the IUD. However, IUD contraceptive usage was not a perfect instrument, so there is still some loss of them: bleeding spotting, menometrorargia, whitish or flour albus, infection, dysmenorrhea, and sexual comfort. Objective: To identify differences in the acceptor Sexual Leisure Uterine Contraceptive (IUD) in the center of Sragen. Methods: This research includes analytical observational research with cross sectional design. The research sample of 57 respondents with sampling by accidental sampling. Data analyzed by chi square test for significance level of 95%. Results: The results of statistical tests using the chi square test known X2hitung value = 12 814 and p = 0.00 at degrees of freedom (dk) = 1, with values X2tabel 3841, so X2hitung (12 814)> X2tabel (3841) and p <0.05 Conclusion: There are Comfort Sexual Differences in Uterine Contraceptive Acceptors (IUD) in the center of Sragen Keywords: IUD, sexual comfort, EFA