The roles of public relations of marketing department in lembaga TOEFL Indonesia Surakarta

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Palupi Angga Puspitasari - C9306077 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This report is written based on the observation conducted by the writer in LTI Surakarta by doing her job training. The purpose of this final project is to describe the roles of Public Relations Division in LTI Surakarta. The roles of Public relations division in LTI Surakarta are divided into two categories. They are: (1) the internal, and (2) the external roles. The writer did some jobs with the Manager Marketing of LTI Surakarta by helping the Manager Marketing to finish his job like did the lobbying and solving complaints to gain the informations reported nin this report. The internal roles are the roles conducted by Public Relations Division to increase the performance of company by conducting their plans. The internal programs of Public Relations of LTI Surakarta are addressed to the internal public; they are officers including the public relations officer. Meanwhile, the external roles are the roles of Public Relations Division to increase the performance of company by conducting the programs addressed to the external publics as stake holders of LTI Surakarta. The external public includes other companies, government and official, press media, and advertising agency. From the discussion, the writer concludes that Public Relations Officer has conducted its roles, either internal or external roles. However, the company’s decision which placed one person to hold double jobs for the Public Relations Officer and Manager Marketing was not really effective because both of them had different focus. Public Relations tends to create and maintain the relationship and cooperation with public without ignoring the goals of company, while marketing is only focused on the selling of products of the company to get profit. Thus, the writer gives suggestion to the company to recruit more officers to hold each position in organization to get the optimal result.