Identifikasi perilaku santri pada pengembangan kompetensi agribisnis (studi pemberdayaan santri di pondok pesantren Al Itifaq Ciwidey-Bandung)

Oleh :
Yudi Rustandi - S630908011 - Pascasarjana

Abstrak : This study aimed to describe the influence of individual factors, organizational, and psychological competence of agribusiness santri to empowerment santri to study in Ponpes Al-Ittifaq Ciwidey Bandung, starting in April until May 2010. This research was a case study. The population of the research was santri who studied religion and became executor of horticulture crops of agribusiness plateau, around 65 people. The determination of the sample used census as a sample of 65 respondents. The research variables include the independent variables namely: individual (X1), organizational (X2), and psychological (X3) factors; and the dependent variable was santri agribusiness competencies (Y). This study used rating scale instrument. The test of instruments validity and reliability aimed at the 20 santri outside the respondent. The data analysis techniques used were the descriptive statistics to describe the research data, Kendal Tau correlation analysis used to analyze the relationships and the types of independent variables to dependent variables, followed by the z test to determine its significance. Identification of santri’ the behavior of Al Ittifaq Ciwidey Ponpes Bandung showed that santri changed their behavior and influenced by several stimulus, a driving force. The initial behavior of santri who did not yet possess the competence of agribusiness, then changed to new behaviors, the building of agribusiness competencies of santri. This study identified several stimulus of the driving factors which had a positive and significant relationships to santri competence in agribusiness. The stimulus consisted of know-how, skills, leadership, organizational structure, motivation, learning and attitudes aspects. Whereas the feedback aspects was insignificant in influencing the formation of santri behavioral competence in agribusiness, though positive, in Ponpes Al-ittifaq Ciwidey Bandung.