Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran Group Investigation Dan Concept Attainment Terhadap Prestasi Belajar Ekonomi Ditinjau Dari Minat Belajar Pada Siswa Kelas X Sma Negeri Di Kabupaten Wonogiri Tahun Pelajaran 2010/2011.

Oleh :
Syamsu Ahmad Noor - S8108093 - Sekolah Pascasarjana

The purpose of this research is to know about : 1) The effect of Group Investigation teaching model and Concept Attainment for students achievement of study of Economic subject. 2) The effect of students interest of study of Economic subject. 3) The effect interaction between teaching models and student interest of study for students achievement of study. This research is held in X grade of State Senior High School in Wonogiri Regency. The method of the research is experimental method. The research population are all of students of X grade of State of Senior High School in Wonogiri Regency amount to 2656 from 12 State of Senior High School. Researcher take two school as sample with 117 sample members of students, were taken by using Multi Stage Cluster Random Sampling. The amount come from four class that representative from X1 and X3 of State of Senior High School 1 of Girimarto as experimental class, and X1 and X6 from State of Senior High School 1 of Slogohimo as control class. In this research there are two variables namely free veriable and independent variable attribute, and one of dependent variable. Free variable is teaching models by using Group Investigation and Concept Attainment. Independent attribute variable is students interst of study. Dependent variable is the achievement of Economic subject. In collect data, researcher use test technique. And then from the data that collected processed by using varieties anaylysis two way 2x2.The result of the data analysis is concludes that : 1) The differences between teaching model of Group Investigation and Concept Attainment (F observasi > F tabel atau 112,46 > 3,93). 2) The differences effect between students who have high interest study with students who have low interest study for students achievent of study of Economic subject(F observasi > F tabel atau 127,8 > 3,93). 3) The differences effect interaction between teaching models and students interest of study (F observasi > F tabel atau 45,77 > 3,93).
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