Improving Students’ Speaking Proficiency Through Paired Storytelling (A Classroom Action Research at the Eleventh Grade Students of SMK Bhinneka Karya in the Academic Year 2008/2009)

Oleh :
Eriviana Garnis Whalesi - K.2204027 - Fak. KIP

The objectives of this research are (1) to identify whether or not and to what extent Paired Storytelling improved students’ speaking proficiency, and (2) to analyze the situation when paired storytelling is implemented in the speaking class. The problem highlighted in this research is the low speaking proficiency of the eleventh grade of SMK Bhinneka Karya Surakarta in 2008/2009 academic year. The procedure of the research consists of planning, action, observation, and reflection. In collecting data, the writer uses as follows: researcher’s diary, interview with the English teacher, students’ speaking tests. And the researcher use photograph, field note, and lesson plan as her documents. The test consists of pre-test, post test 1 and post test 2. The research is applied in two cycles. First cycle consists of three meetings and the second cycle consist two meetings. The results of the research show that paired storytelling can improve the students’ speaking proficiency. It can be seen from the result of pre-test, post test 1 and post test II. Score of the pre - test show that the mean of pronunciation is 2.83; mean of grammar is 2.5; and mean of vocabulary is 2.5. Score of the post test 1 show that the mean of pronunciation is 3.86; mean of grammar is 3.58; and mean of vocabulary is 3.6. Score of the post test 2 shows that the mean of pronunciation is 3.89; mean of grammar is 4.22; and mean of vocabulary is 4.33. Paired storytelling can implement in speaking class it shows as follows: a) the class situation more life and fun; b) there were interaction between student–student and teacher–student; c) the students are more active and enjoy the lesson; d) students’ self–esteem increase, they are not shy again when perform forward in the class; e) students’ speaking proficiency improved. At the end of this research, the result of the observation can improve students’ speaking proficiency and the class is more active and life. The researcher hopes that English teacher can use this technique to teach in speaking class. And this thesis can be a reference for the English teacher to know the way of paired storytelling technique