The religious disfunition of southern american in the 20th century

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Islah Jauharoh - C0398041 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This thesis is a qualitative research using library study. It is the novel study based o n sociology of religion studies. It is using two others approach as follows; historical and mythological approach. These approaches exactly help the researcher to make description scholarly the religious dysfunction of Southern American in the twentieth century. Sociological approach is used to make clear function of religion to society, historical approach has an aim to trace the history of religion in the context of twentieth century and mythological approach should be used because it has an advantage to understand some symbolic words, sentences and signs that appear in the novel.

In finding the religion phenomena in society that is found in the novel Wise Blood the researcher relates it to family function as a character and values building. Besides that, the family is also as a manifestation of religious life so, there is relationship between family, religion and its function in society. Here the researcher also includes the family theory as an integral part of the research.