Analisis Alokasi Dana Bagi Hasil Cukai Hasil Tembakau di Kota Surakarta

Oleh :
Ika Ayu Murti - F3408050 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

The allocation of profit-sharing fund of cigarette duty (DBHCHT) is the first time to be carried out in the history of relationship between the central and local governments. With the development of the tobacco industry in the city of Surakarta, local governments have the potential to increase the revenue the city of Surakarta. This relates to the allocation of DBHCHT from the central government. DBHCHT one of the great potential in improving revenue of Surakarta city, seen from the growing level of allocation. DBHCHT is a state income from cigarette duty produced in Indonesia which is distributed to CHT-producer provinces at about 2% to finance the quality improvement of the raw material, the industrial and social environment development, the socialization of regulation on duty, and/or the eradication of illegal duty-imposed goods DBHCHT Surakarta allocated to the city through several stages will be undertaken by local government to the Governor and approved by the Finance Minister, then funds are allocated to each Local Government Unit. Based on the result of research is to be able to know the allocation DBHCHT in Surakarta as a means of regional income, and how the acquisition of those funds that will be used by local governments in financing activities in the city of Surakarta and find out how the allocation to each local government unit related and whether the allocation is well targeted and appropriate.