Penerapan Metode Forecast dalam Menyusun Anggaran Penjualan pada PT. Asuransi Jasindo (persero) Cabang Solo

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Kurniawati - F.3306061 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

PT. Jasindo Insurance is one of the insurance company peripatetic at damage insurance had by state. This insurance company offer two product type in business of ritel and product in corporation business. In sales target planning, PT. Jasindo Insurance have compiled the sales budget pursuant with qualitative method. Qualitative method that is pursuant to survey and from sales staff opinion interconnected with the sale. In this final duty, the writer is interested to do research at compilation of sales budget PT. Jasindo Insurance using forecast method. Forecast method that used is it on trend analysis that is moment and least square method. After analysis and solution, in the reality result obtained by trend analysis (moment and least square method) have smaller difference between budget and realization sale if compared to the qualitative method. To determine the most appropriate method using Mistake Forecasting Standard (SKF). From the result of SKF calculation, moment and least square method have the same result is 16.688.787, while SKF obtained by qualitative method is 21.590.459. Comparison value of the SKF from each the forecast method indicate that the moment and least square method owning smallest SKF value, so that suited for applied at compilation of sales budget in PT. Jasindo Insurance.