The Effectiveness Of Three Phase Technique In Teaching Reading Comprehension Viewed From Intelligence

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Mudyo Eryawati - S890208112 - Pascasarjana

The aim of this Research is intended to know whether: (1) Three-Phase Technique is more effective than conventional method for teaching reading; (2) The reading achievement of the students with high intelligence is better than the students with low intelligence; and (3) There is an interaction between the technique of teaching and the degree of intelligence. The research was conducted in SMP Negeri 5 Nganjuk. The research method was experimental. The population of the research is the First Year students of SMPN 5 Nganjuk in Academic Year of 2008/2009. The writer used cluster random sampling to get the sample. The sample consists of 80 students which are divided into two classes, VII.4 consisting 40 students as an experimental class and VII.5 consisting of 40 students as a control class. The instruments used to collect the data are reading test to get scores of reading comprehension. Before the instrument was used, a tryout was done to know the validity and reliability of the instrument. The instrument was valid and reliable after it was try out. Then the writer analyzed the data in term of their frequency distribution, normality, and the data homogeneity. After that, the data of reading test was analyzed by using multifactor analysis 2x2, than followed by Tukey test to find which group is better or which technique is more effective. Based on the results of inferential analysis of the data, there are some conclusions that can be drawn. (1) Three-Phase Technique is more effective than Conventional Method for teaching reading; (2) Students having high intelligence have better achievement in reading than students with low intelligence; (3) There is an interaction between teaching technique and the degree of the student’s intelligence. It can be concluded that three-phase technique is very effective technique for improving reading ability of the seventh grade students of SMPN 5 Nganjuk. By using three-phase technique the students’ ability in comprehending the text increases. Therefore, it is recommended that (1) it is better for teachers to apply three phase technique in the teaching and learning process; and (2) future researchers can conduct research on the same kind with different sample and different students’ condition. It is hoped that the teacher can select suitable technique for teaching reading which is appropriate for the students having high or low intelligence. The teaching technique used in teaching reading depends on the degree of intelligence of students. Therefore, it is better for teachers to apply three-phase technique in the teaching and learning process.