The Process Of Teaching English Speaking To The Sixth Grade Of Rsdbi Sdn 03 Jaten Karanganyar

Oleh :
Astrid Herera - C.9307021 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final project is written based on the writer’s job training activities as an English teacher in SDN 03 Jaten Karanganyar. The objectives of this final project report are to know and to understand the English teaching and learning activities in SDN 03 Jaten, including the process of teaching English speaking, the problems, and the solutions of teaching English speaking. By observing the class and teaching directly at the 6th grade class, the writer could write the final project completely. There were some problems during teaching English speaking to the sixth grade of SDN 03 Jaten. The problems faced by the students were memorizing words and pronouncing English words. The problems faced by the writer were having too large number of students and handling the students. The writer also presented the solutions to solve those problems. The solutions for the students are using gestures and repetition and using songs. The solutions for the writer are standing in the middle class and mixing various techniques of teaching English speaking.