Vocabulary Building Through Songs In The Third Grade Students Of Sdn 01 Banyuurip Klego Boyolali

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Wiwit ari Wibowo - C.9306095 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This Final Project Report was written by the writer based on the job training in SDN 1 Banyurip Klego Boyolali for a month. The writer took the third grade students of SDN 1 Banyuurip Klego Boyolali as the object to observe. This Final Project Report has purpose to describe the process of building vocabulary through songs in third students and the effectiveness of using songs in teaching vocabulary English to young learners. The writer observed the condition of the class and the student’s habit and personality. There are many ways to make the students interest with the lesson or materials and easy to memorize the lesson. In this case, the writers choose using songs to attract the student’s interest in learning. During the job training, the writer did not find the difficult matter. The writer did several activities in teaching the third grade students. They are; teaching listening, teaching reading, teaching speaking, and teaching writing. And finally, there is some effectiveness of using songs to teach the third grade students. All explanations are explained by the writer in this Final Project Report