Optimizing The Use Of Web To Enhance The Students’ Reading Skills (A Classroom Action Research In The First Year Students Of Smpn 1 Girimarto In The Academic Year Of 2010/2011)

Oleh :
Maria Goreti Istty Wijayati - S.89100201 - Pascasarjana

The aims of the research are (1) to describe whether or not and to what extent the use of web can enhance the students’ reading skills and (2) to identify the situation when web is implemented in reading classes. The research was conducted at SMP Negeri 1 Girimarto, Wonogiri in the academic year of 2010/2011. The subject of the research was the students of VII A class. This study was carried out in December 2010 up to May 2011. This Classroom Action Research (CAR) was conducted in two cycles. Each cycle consisted of four meetings and one post-test. There are two types of data in this study; qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative data were taken from the classroom observation, questionnaires, interviews, and diaries. The data were analysed by using Constant Comparative Method (CCM) which consisted of four steps: (1) comparing incidents applicable to each category; (2) integrating categories and their properties; (3) delimiting the theory; and (4) writing the theory. The quantitative data were taken from the tests. The data were analysed by using descriptive statistics to calculate the mean score of pre-test, post-test 1 and 2. The research findings showed that the use of web could: (1) enhance the students’ reading skills. The students’ comprehension of text was increasing: a) they were able to identify main idea; b) they were capable of finding explicit information; c) they could identify implicit information; d) they could identify word reference; and e) they were able to find the meaning of certain word based on the context, its synonym or antonym, and (2) promoted better classroom situation which comprised: a) the students’ ability to accomplish their tasks on time; b) their high interest in reading long texts; c) the classroom noise reduced; d) the increase of the students’ participation on the lesson; and e) the lively teaching reading classes. In addition, the improvement was also shown from the students’ scores. The mean score of pre-test result was 57.50; the mean score of post-test Cycle 1 was 56.75; and the mean score of post-test Cycle 2 was 74.50. In the end of Cycle 2, there were two indicators which the mean scores did not achieve the passing grade of English subject for seventh grade student of junior high school yet. Those two indicators were finding explicit information and identifying implicit information. Derived from the research’s results, it can be concluded that the use of web not only enhance the students’ reading skills but also improve the quality of the classroom situation. Therefore, it is recommended for the English teachers to employ web as an alternative media in their classes. The fact that the implementation of web in reading class can promote the students’ learning motivation and their reading achievement.