Analisis Pengaruh Faktor Industri Keuangan, Makroekonomi Dan Karakteristik Bank Terhadap Profitabilitas Bank Syariah Di Indonesia (Studi Pada Bank Syariah Di Indonesia Periode 2006-2010)

Oleh :
Sartika Dewi Kurniasari - F.0208114 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

The data used in this study were obtained from the Financial Statements of Sharia Banking publications through the website .Sampling technique used was purposive sampling. The sample in this study amounted to 15 Islamic banks. Data analysis techniques used in this study is the multiple linear regression analysis where the previous data has been tested with test data normality assumption of classic covers, heteroskedasticity, multicollinearity and autocorrelation. During the period research indicates that the data are normally distributed. Based on the test for normality, multicollinearity test, heteroskedasticity test , and autocorrelation test found no variables that deviate from classical assumptions. This shows the available data has been qualified using multiple linear regression equation model. The results of this study simultaneously, the financial industry measured by banking sector (X1), macroeconomic growth measured with inflation (X2), FDR (X3), NPF (X4) and BOPO (X5) affect the ROA Islamic banks in Indonesia, while partial, variable development of the banking sector and the growth of inflation showed no significant effect on ROA. Variable FDR, has significant positive effect on ROA, while variable NPF and BOPO have significant negative effect on ROA. The predictive capability of the eight variables on ROA in the study by 45.1%, while the rest is influenced another factors that are not included in the research model.