Kepuasan Kerja Guru di PPMI Assalaam : Sebuah Penelitian Tentang Perbedaan-Perbedaan Biografis

Oleh :
Nova Firnia Ilmawan - F.1207569 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Job Satisfaction Of The Teachers In Assalaam Islamic Modern Boarding School : A Study Of Differencial Biografis Nova Firnia Ilmawan F1207569 This study’s purpose is to examine the relathionship between the biographical characteristics gender, age, years of experience, and teachers position and job satisfaction of teachers of Assalaam Islamic Modern Boarding School. Survey data were collected from 118 teachers member from Assalaam Islamic Modern Boarding School, and Research Hypotesys were tested using Multiple of Regresioon Linear. Age, gender and years experience have significant relationship with job satisfaction and position does not have significant relationship with job satisfaction. The findings hold implications for Assalaam Islamic Modern Boarding School especially and for all education process for generally and for further research regarding teacher aid’s. This study include only teachers and investigate the job satisfaction with the biograpichal variable.