Pembuatan Alat Produksi Bioetanol Dengan Penggabungan Proses Fermentasi Dan Stripping

Oleh :
Adi Pamungkas - I.8308069 - Fak. Teknik

ADI PAMUNGKAS, ARIEF FEBRIANTO, ASWAMEDHIKA, MUHAMMAD SYAIFUL HAKIM, 2011. FINAL TASK REPORT “MAKING EQUIPMENT PRODUCTION OF BIOETHANOL BY COMBINATION FERMENTATION AND STRIPPING " DIPLOMA III PROGRAM CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SEBELAS MARET UNIVERSITY SURAKARTA Petroleum and natural gas is a natural source of non-renewable energy needed to overcome the alternative, one with bioethanol. Bioethanol can be produced by means of a batch fermentation, but this way produce bioethanol with fairly low concentrations, ie 10-12%. To overcome this we used a combination of fermentation and stripping method, so that the concentration of bioethanol can be controlled no more than 12% and Saccharomyces cerevisiae did not experience toxicity. Bioethanol production equipment consists of two main parts, namely the bioreactor and the condenser. Bioreactor in the form of a column with the packing material as a cell belay S. Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Another completeness of the compressor and the gas stripper. Fermentation is done in two stages, namely stage of growth and production of bioethanol. Growth phase lasted for 2 days, then enter the production phase by changing the flow of air from the compressor with the stripper gas (N2 or CO2). Stripper gas stream to absorb condensed bioethanol solution back in the condenser. This tool was tested using nitrogen gas stripper and carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas which is to use variations of the medium flow rate 1.44 L / h and 3.36 L/h and for the medium carbon dioxide gas flow rate 1.44 L/h and 4.56 L/hour. Production test results indicate that the process occurs simultaneously between bioethanol fermentation and stripping solution. The highest concentration of ethanol in the product gas of 3.85% to 3.57% stripper N2 and CO2 to the gas stripper.